We welcome all Women (18+) from around the World to be in Iam Sexy Contest

That will take you to Cannes Film Festival, May 2022, then possibly to Dubai & Las Vegas plus Cash and Prizes and to be promoted in All our Websites and Social Media and be featured in

Las Vegas Hollywood Magazine
Sexy Latina Magazine

About us

IAM Sexy Contest offers a unique blend of glamour and elegance to the traditional world of Sexy Contest.

We welcome Women (age 18+) to join us. Regardless of experience, Iam Sexy Contest offers something for everyone.

Enter and showcase Your best in being SEXY, and to be announced as



In addition to these honorable titles, three (3) Princesses will also be selected during this contest as runner up titles, whereas they will be named among the Stars During Cannes Film Festival May 2022, Cannes France at the most prestigious venue.

The QUEEN of “IAM SEXY”. In addition to these honorable titles,three (3) Princesses will also receive Cash & Prizes!

Join this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and show the world your most SEXY glamourous looks and moves all through the year of 2021 where it ends on the 1st of January 2022!

Let your sparkle glow and take command of your new title as honorable QUEEN or rise to the top as one of the most prestigious titles to win, Princess. We Are Aiming Globally

All winners will be featured on all our websites, social media platforms, and in Las Vegas Hollywood Magazine & Sexy Latina Magazine.

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